Gaining a Gift

Character must first buy the “Gifted” stunt for one Refresh: this stunt gives the character a Gift aspect, usually something like:

  • “Unbreakable”
  • “Heart of Fire”
  • “Air Manipulation”
  • “Telekenesis”
    This Aspect can be invoked and compelled like any other, but unlike other aspects, it doesn’t have to just add a +2, or allow for a re-roll; when invoked, a character’s super-power activates in the way the player describes, and in a potent form. For example, a character with the Telekenesis aspect could spend a Fate point to stop an out-of-control car at the last minute. Invoking this Aspect is akin to the character using powers they haven’t learned to control yet.
    This doesn’t have to happen at character creation; it does, however, have to have some impetus for the realization of the gift.

Evolving a Gift

Once the Gifted stunt has been purchased, refresh can be spent in order to strengthen and refine the power. There are two methods for doing this:

  • Purchasing a Power Skill: For a refresh, the character may gain a new skill appropriate to the Gift Aspect. This skill starts with only two of the four actions, Overcome, Create Advantage, Attack, and Defend. Additional actions can be purchased for a Refresh each. This skill represents the character’s skill deliberately using their powers. The results of invoking the Gift Aspect is increased as this skill is increased.
  • Purchasing Gift Stunts: The character may gain stunts that are relevant to the gift aspect.

Absolute Skills

For two refresh, the absolute version of a skill may be bought; an absolute skill is one that automatically trumps any test that could be feasibly accomplished by a human being. In situations where the character encounters a test (outside of combat) that a human could feasibly accomplished, no roll is necessary; success is immediate. In a situation where a human couldn’t possibly accomplish the task, the relevant stat is rolled at a +2.
There are levels of absolute skills; two characters at the same level of absolute skill perform skill tests as usual. If two characters are at differing levels, the higher wins with a success automatically. If there is a difference of more than one level, they succeed with style.
These absolute skills must be justifiable by the Gift aspect!


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