Welcome to New Delhi, Troubleshooter

You’ve always known you’re good, and your career with Paragon has only served to vindicate that belief. You’re on assignment once again, your team mobilized to the Indian subcontinent to track down a recent kidnapping of a history professor at a charter school in New Delhi. En route, your Handler calls with your full briefing…

This game, until we get time to meet in person (and perhaps when we’re not meeting in person) will be played in the forum of this campaign page, found on the left. As for handling the rolling of dice, we’ll be using Orokos.com for that. To get started, create an account on Orokos, and then whenever you need to make a roll, use the formula 4DF (4 Fudge dice) and campaign name “Breaking the Circle”, copy the result and that roll’s URL in your post. Once a player has to make a roll, please wait for me to respond with what happens, unless you’re thinking of burning Fate points to roll again, etc. For information on the campaign and specific rules that we’ll be using, please visit the wiki.

Breaking the Circle

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